Going Deeper

What Is Going Deeper?

Going deeper is a retreat for youth and adults who are actively involved in their parish or have participated in other retreats and events and who have a fervor to grow in the faith. The hope is that participants will experience a much deeper understanding of how to pray and how to know what God is desiring in their life. Further, participants will discover the beauty and practice of God’s heart speaking to yours each and every day. We will be spending a majority of the time in prayer and will have the opportunity to receive the Sacraments.  

This is not a Confirmation Retreat.  There will be separate tracks of the retreat for youth and adults.

Upcoming Retreats

  • Examen Retreat – October 8-10th, 2021 @ St. Mary Parish, Dell Rapids
  • Devoted Retreat – March 25-27th, 2022 @ Abbey of the Hills

Who Can Attend?

The retreat is open to youth in grades 9-12.  However, youth in grades 9-10 are required to submit a completed Recommendation Form from their pastor that indicates that they are active in the parish and are not attending the retreat as part of their Confirmation requirements.  These forms can be sent to Eric Gallagher at egallagher@sfcatholic.org.

Adults are welcome to attend this retreat as well.  It is an overnight retreat and there will be a designated simple sleeping place provided, but you are welcome to make other sleeping arrangements for the duration of the retreat.  The retreat will consist of a separate track for the adults present.

We do ask all participants to be present for the entirety of the retreat. Students who have outside commitments during the retreat need to first get permission from our office before registering. Those requests can be sent to Grace Tibbetts at gtibbetts@sfcatholic.org


The cost for the October retreat is $100 for youth and $150 for adults.

The cost for the March retreat is $100 for youth, $200 for adults sharing a room and $250 for adult single rooms. Tickets are non-refundable.


Sleeping arrangements at St. Mary’s, Dell Rapids are simple. Classrooms will be available in the school for sleeping (one for females and one for males). Bring an air mattress, sleeping bag, or cot to sleep on. Adults wishing to make other sleeping arrangements for the duration of the retreat are free to do so.

Sleeping arrangements for the Abbey of the Hills will be the same for the youth (one big room per gender group), and adults will have guest rooms at the Abbey. Please select your ticket based on which room you would like (shared or single).


Registrations are now open! Click the buttons below to save your spot before they fill up!

October 8-10, 2021 March 25-27, 2022


Promotional Materials

Examen Flyer – Oct. 8-10 Devoted flyer – March 25-27

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