Healing Ministry


To help individuals experience Spiritual Freedom to be who we were truly created to be, receiving God’s love and, in turn, loving God, ourselves, and loving others.

So if a son frees you, then you will truly be free. John 8:36 NAB

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What is the Healing and Deliverance Ministry?

The purpose of this ministry is to help persons find freedom through healing and/or deliverance prayer in alignment with the Roman Catholic Church and under the leadership of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls. The Healing and Deliverance team will work with all aspects of healing; interior, exterior, physical, spiritual and psychological.

Process for Spiritual Healing in Adults

Persons seeking personal spiritual healing ministry from trained diocesan team:

For Catholics or non-Catholics residing in the Sioux Falls Diocese, seeking to receive pastoral guidance, inner healing, or spiritual support, the first step is to complete an Official Intake Form (Download). Unless a serious medical condition exists, individuals over 18 years of age, must take initiative for their own care and fill out the Official Intake Form themselves. Please know that all documentation is held secure and confidentiality is assured throughout the process.

  • Download and complete the intake form and send it to healingministry@sfcatholic.org
  • Completed Intake Forms are prayerfully and carefully discerned to determine how to provide the best spiritual support to every individual. Persons should expect a response, via a phone call or email, to occur within 48 hours. This initial communication is meant to clarify details of a person’s spiritual history, address areas of concern, and establish next steps of care for the afflicted person.
  • A mental health professional may be asked to complete an assessment of an individual and share these results with the Program Coordinator (Professional consultation fees may apply).
  • If deemed appropriate, a member of the healing prayer team will call the person to work through the logistics of arranging a prayer session.
  • The person will be offered a date, time, and place to come for the healing ministry led by a designated priest or prayer team.
  • The person may receive a prescription of prayer as well to help strengthen his/her daily spiritual life.
  • The priest and team will prayerfully discern next steps in the person’s spiritual care.
Process of Spiritual Healing of Children (LESS THAN 18 YRS)

1. Parents seeking ministry for a son or daughter under the age of eighteen may start by filling out the Official Intake Form on behalf of their child. A similar process to what is outlined above will be followed.

2. Scheduled appointments require at least one parent to be present. Every child needs to be properly informed and open to receiving prayer. This dialogue should occur several days prior to arrival.

3. While parents may desire ministry for their children, prayer sessions cannot be scheduled with unwilling participants.

Note: Only persons who reside within the geographical territory of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls may access this diocesan resource. Individuals residing outside of the Diocese should contact their local parish priest or diocesan chancery office.

Please download the Offical Intake Form and email the completed form to healingministry@sfcatholic.org