Consider a Donation

As Catholics, we are called to acknowledge the love and care of our generous Creator and love Him in return by loving our neighbor as He loves us. God is with us. And participating in the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal with prayers and financial support has a direct impact on our neighbors and our own families.

As you consider your gift to the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal, take time and reflect on the following points:

  • Thanksgiving – our offering is a grateful response to the immense love God has shown for us. God is first in our lives. We are only responding to what God has already done for us.
  • Sacrificial – To “sacrifice” means to make sacred, not to give until it hurts. Through sacrificial giving “we make sacred” the work of our daily lives. Praying about our decision is necessary to truly offer it from the heart.
  • Prayerfully Planned – This is a decision that requires prayer, thought and time. We are not called to give merely what we have left over but we are called to prayerfully consider our gifts and resources

2024 Catholic Family Sharing Appeal Message

Download the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal Audio Message

Where do the Funds go?

Distributions made from Catholic Family Sharing Appeal

Parish and Pastoral Services
Seminarian Education
Pastoral Center Facility
Administration & Support Services

2023 - 2024 Operating Revenue and Support

Catholic Family Sharing Appeal
Catholic Community Foundation (Endowments)
Administration & Service Income
Donations & Other

A Stewardship Prayer

Lord God,
Giver of life and all good gifts,
You anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit
who inspired him to give everything he had for our sake.
Move us by the same spirit of stewardship
to share first to the Lord, for the benefit of all.

By your grace, help us to follow in your footsteps
and become more focused on loving and caring
for our families, our neighbors
and our communities.

Lead us to the awareness that everything we are
and everything we have is your gift.

Grant us the spirit of sacrifice
to always seek your will
and to share our gifts with
our brothers and sisters.

May we be good stewards of all we have received
and cooperate with you in building your kingdom
of love and justice.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.