About the Tribunal

The Catholic Church holds that Christian marriage is a holy covenant that binds unconditionally for life. Certain elements are essential to establish this covenant. Consequently when an annulment is sought from the Marriage Tribunal, one of the parties is alleging that one or more of these essential elements was not present from the very outset of the marriage. The parties participated in the wedding ceremony but they did not establish a sacramental marriage.

The Marriage Tribunal is the judicial arm of the Bishop of Sioux Falls. It renders decisions to persons alleging invalidity of a previous marriage(s), based on the law of the Catholic Church. Principal responsibility for the Marriage Tribunal’s decision-making is held by the Judicial Vicar, Rev. Gregory A. Tschakert, J.C.L. , Director, Heather Eichholz, J.C.L. The main office of the Sioux Falls Marriage Tribunal is located at:

Office of Marriage Tribunal
523 N. Duluth Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104