Bishop’s Vision

In prayer, Bishop DeGrood received a vision of
Lifelong Catholic Missionary Discipleship Through God’s Love
for the people of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls. 

Will you join the mission?

Receive the vision.

Check out the videos, articles and printables below that unpack Bishop’s vision.

Pray about it.

Take some time in prayer and ask God how He wants you to live out the mission in your life.

Take action.

We can help connect you to people and resources to live out the mission God has made for you.

What is Bishop's vision?

Father Scott Traynor, Dr. Chris Burgwald, and Eric Gallagher will be traveling around the diocese to invite the lay faithful to hear more about the vision and to understand what the vision means for Catholics in Eastern South Dakota.  Please join us in person or via livestream for any of the five presentations. Find all the information for the live presentations here

Not sure how to bring the vision to life? We are here to help.
We have years of experience and education in fostering missionary discipleship. More importantly, we have a profound passion to help you make this vision real in your own life and community.

How can we help you?

Father Scott Traynor

Vicar for Lay and Clergy Formation

Dr. Chris Burgwald

Director of Discipleship Formation


Director of Mission Engagement