How is My Parish Goal Set?

The method for establishing parish and diocesan goals was presented to the Diocesan Presbyteral Council in the fall of 1994. This method was approved then by this council and put into place in 1995. The formula is as follows:

STEP ONE: This step will most accurately indicate a Parish’s ability to give its “CFSA Share” under current conditions.  Using the most current Fiscal Year Ending Reports, determine each Parish’s Annual Ordinary Income as a Percent of the Total Annual Ordinary Income of all Parishes in the Diocese.

Parish’s Annual Ordinary Income
%  Total all Parishes’ Annual Ordinary Income

STEP TWO: This step will most accurately indicate a Per-Capita “CFSA  Share”. [Using an average of Reported Census and The Bishop’s Bulletin Mailing List] determine each Parish’s Census as a Percent of the Total Number of Households in the Diocese.

Number of Households in Parish
% Total Number of Households in Diocese

STEP THREE: Average the Percents in Steps One and Two.  The result is the Percent of the Total Diocesan CFSA Goal that is the Parish’s “CFSA Share”.

Annual ordinary income is:

  • Offerings collected (Cash, Envelopes, Electronic Transfers, Holy Days)
  • Interest Earnings (Checking, Savings)
  • Net Raised at Annual Fund-Raising Activities
  • Group Activity transfers to Parish (Altar Society, KCs, etc.)
  • Special Parish Collections (Fuel, Upkeep)
  • Facility Rental Earnings
  • Parish Owned Property Rental and Farm Income (Net of Expenses)
  • Catholic School Income (School Expenses paid from Ordinary Income)

Exclusions from Annual Ordinary Income are:

  • Special Offerings/Collections that are “IN-OUT” (Missions, Peter’s Pence, etc.)
  • The “Corpus” or Principal of one-time Planned Deferred Gifts (Bequests, etc.)

Deductions of amounts paid from Annual Ordinary Income are:

  • Debt Reduction Payments (paid on principal and interest from ordinary income. Cannot come from Campaign money.)
  • Catholic School Expenses
  • Charitable Gifts of the Parish (Missions, Sister Parish, Parishioners in need, etc.)

Goal increase/decrease limitation:

Parish Goals are limited to an increase or decrease of 15% in each of the next 3 years as a phase-in period of the Formula. (An exception may need to be made in Parishes experiencing recent mergers, large population changes, that is, increases or decreases exceeding 15%) The formula includes offertory income and parish household; not building funds or any other parish income source.