What Should I Share

Each of us must come to the realization that all that we are and all that we have comes from our loving God.  In a commitment to our faith and as good stewards of His gifts, we set aside a percentage of our income to enable the Church to minister to the needs of all.

In the New Testament, we are challenged to give of ourselves completely in gratitude to God.  In the Old Testament, we are called to tithe 10% of our first fruits.  An approach that is suggested is to consider giving 5% to your local parish, 1% to Catholic Family Sharing Appeal, and 4% to other charities.

As you consider your gift, take time and reflect on the following points:


Out offering is a grateful response to the immense love God has shown for us.  God is first in our lives.  We are only responding to what God has already done for us.


To “sacrifice” means to make sacred, not to give until it hurts.  Through sacrificial giving “we make sacred” the work of our daily lives.  Praying about our decision is necessary to truly offer it from the heart.

Prayerfully Planned

This is a decision that requires prayer, thought, and time.  We are not called to give merely what we have left over but we are called to prayerfully consider our gifts and resources.


Income 1% 4% 5%
 $20,000  $200  $800  $1000
 $30,000  $300  $1200  $1500
 $40,000  $400  $1600  $2000
 $50,000  $500  $2000  $2500
 $60,000  $600  $2400  $3000
 $70,000  $700  $2800  $3500
 $80,000  $800  $3200  $4000
 $90,000  $900  $3600  $4500
 $100,000  $1000  $4000  $5000