Am I Called?

Yes! The reality is everyone has been called by God to live their life in a particular vocation. Too often we only think of those considering the priesthood or consecrated life as having a “Call”. Every Christian through his or her baptism is called to a generous life of holiness. This should be your first goal as you pursue knowing and committing yourself to a particular vocation. The fact that you are looking at our website might indicate that God is calling you towards the priesthood or consecrated life.

Whom Does God Call To Join The Clergy?

Men who…

  • Feel they are called to live a celibate life for the sake of the kingdom
  • Are willing to lead others to God
  • Are selfless with their gifts and talents
  • Have a hunger for the Eucharist


Whom Does God Call To The Consecrated Life?

Men and women who…

  • Desire to be totally dedicated to God who is loved most of all
  • Wish to dedicate themselves to God’s honor, the upbuilding of the Church, and the salvation of the world
  • Are led to embrace the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience in a manner consistent with their form of consecrated life
  • Are willing to apply themselves to the conversion of heart to God
  • Strive for contemplation of divine things and assiduous union with God
  • Are drawn to an apostolate for the service of the Church which consists of or overflows from a deep prayer life



When I talk with people about their vocation they almost always say they are waiting for a sign from God. What God would like is for us to notice the movements of our heart throughout the day. Where do you find peace? Where is there joy?

Often a person finds that God is providing signs for us, we just don’t know how to read them or we cannot sort them out. This is why it is important to not attempt to journey alone on this path. God want to provide you a spiritual guide to help you see clearly the path He has set out for you.

This spiritual guide may be your parish priest, chaplain at high school or college, or a priest you have come to know well. His desire for your life is not that you become a priest like him, but that you come to know God’s will for your life and you live it out to the fullest.


Whom Does God Call To Married Life?

Men and women who…

  • Are willing to lay down their lives for the sake of their spouse and their families.
  • Are open to life and the great responsibilities that come with building up a family for the kingdom of God.


What If I Don’t Think I’m Called To Be A Cleric, Get Married, Or Enter Consecrated Life?

  • Universal Call to Holiness: A Reflection on Singleness
  • All of us are called by baptism to a life of holiness. Many are called to a specific way of living out the call to holiness in a state of life (vocation) characterized by undertaking a lifelong commitment by vow or consecration. Some, however, are called to be living witnesses to Christ without assuming a life long commitment through a vow or consecration.  Others are called to dedicate their lives to Christ in blessed singleness but without changing their state in life.