Area NFP Instructors & Physicians

The Church offers several scientifically supported methods for couples to actively care for their fertility and aid in their discernment of family planning. Listed below, you will find instructors who are available to help couples effectively learn any one of these methods. We encourage you to research the various methods in order to discern which model best fits your marriage. Is this totally new to you? Don’t worry – you can do this! Here’s a great video highlighting what Natural Family Planning is and how it works!

Sioux Falls Diocese – All Locations:

Live Online or Individual Self-Paced Home Study Instruction – Sympto-Thermal Method (CCL) Click Here


Aberdeen: Avera St. Luke’s Fertility Care Services – (402) 276-5868 or –  Creighton Model FertilityCare System

  • Marilyn Wachs, CFCP
  • David Wachs, MD, CFCMC, CFCP
  • Michael Knapp, DO, CFCMC
  • Susan Gutenkauf, FCP
  • Amber Watson , CFCP

Gettysburg: Anna Lacey – (605) 769-0734 or cfcpannalacey@gmail.comCreighton Model

Pierre: Michele & Pat Snyder – (605) 222-8319 or 605-222-8345 or – Sympto-Thermal Method


Brookings:  Jody Thompson – (605) 690-1529 or – Creighton Model FertilityCare System
Huron:  Brad & Angie Schutt – (605) 461-8887 – Sympto-Thermal Method (CCL)


Briana Mueller, FCP – 605-299-5026 or Creighton Model FertilityCare System

Dr. Renee C. & Matthew Schroeder (605) 234-1534 – Sympto-Thermal Method (CCL)


Sioux Falls:
Meghan Krueger – (605) 323-7320 or –  Creighton Model FertilityCare System
Brynn Manning BSN, RN, MMST – (402) 741-0844 or (available in person and via videocall) – Marquette Method of NFP
Avera McKennan Fertility Care Services: Barb Giles, RNC, CPCP, IBCLC – (605) 322-4434 –  Creighton Model FertilityCare System
Sandra Petree, BSED – (605) 421-1104 – Sympto-Thermal Method (CCL)


Bridget Bauman, BSN, RN, NFP Teacher – (605) 886-4049 or – Marquette Method


Donna and Chuck Kramer, CFCP Na Pro – (402) 357-3596 or (Fordyce, NE) –  Creighton Model FertilityCare System
Anna Speirs RN, BSN – (605) 520-1276 or (available in-person via video call) – Marquette Method

Sierra Cargill – (712) 253-7408 or (available in person and via zoom) –  Marquette Method

Medical Consultants & NFP – only Physicians & Providers

These physicians have extensive training with Natural Family Planning and Fertility Care. They do not prescribe contraceptives.

David Wach, MD, CFCMC, CFCP Avera St. Luke’s Fertility Care Services, Aberdeen & Family Practice, Avera Aberdeen Family Physicians (402) 276-5868
Michael Knapp, DO, CFCMC, Family Practice

Renee C. Schroeder, DO, Family Practice, Avera Dakota Family Medical Center, Chamberlain (605) 234-6584

Sioux Falls:
Glenn Ridder, MD, Family Practice, Director of Avera McKennan Fertility Care Services & Family Practice, Sanford Clinic, Sioux Falls (605) 328-5800
Courtney Heynen, Certified Nurse Midwife, Avera Medical Group Certified Nurse Midwives, Sioux Falls (605) 322-8946
Marah Van Diest, MD, Family Practice, Avera Medical Group (Dawley Farm), (605) 504-5600
Rebecca Cooper, MD, Family Practice, Sanford Health (605) 312-3000