Natural Family Planning

The Catholic Church promotes Natural Family Planning (NFP) as a moral way to plan for children in accordance with God’s will for your family. Not only is it highly effective, practical, low cost, and healthy, it also strengthens a marriage and a couple’s spirituality by welcoming God into the most intimate spousal acts and decisions. We encourage all married couples, and those preparing for marriage, to learn Church teachings on NFP and to seek reliable training in NFP methods. We hope the information found on this website is helpful in opening your hearts and minds to this wonderful gift from God.  No clue which method is right for you? Learn more here!

Methods & Instructors

Sympto-Thermal Method (CCL)

Couple to Couple League teachers are married couples that teach awareness of a woman’s fertility.  How to interpret certain signs in a woman’s body that indicate her fertile and infertile times. This method also helps couples achieve pregnancy if and when they’ve had difficulty.  Sympto-thermal method is 99% effective in postponing pregnancy, 100% natural and safe, and low in cost so all couples can get the help they need.  It also helps keep your marriage communication growing and is morally accepted.  Call to register.  Virtual classes which are self paced are available online at  Please contact a listed instructor for more information. (Description by CCL.)

Chamberlain:  Dr. Renee C. & Mathew Schroeder (605) 234-1534
Huron:  Angie & Brad Schutt (605) 461-8887
Pierre:  Michele & Pat Snyder (605) 222-8319 or (605) 222-8345

Creighton Model FertilityCare System

Creighton Model Fertility Care practitioners provide NFP instruction in a series of private, personalized sessions with long-term professional follow-up care available. This method, which follows an allied health care model (NaProtechnology), has a high success rate not only in achieving and avoiding pregnancy, but also in treating infertility, chronic miscarriage, ovarian cysts, and other gynecologic problems. Please call about an introductory session. (Description by Creighton Model Personnel.)

Aberdeen  Avera St. Lukes Fertility Care Services
Introductory Class: Third Tuesday of every month, 7:00 p.m., or by Appointment
Pre-register by calling 605-622-5730

  • Marilyn Wachs, CFCP
  • David Wachs, MD, CFCMC, CFCP
  • Michael Knapp, DO, CFCMC
  • Susan Gutenkauf, FCP
  • Krystal Stuwe, FCP

Brookings:  Jody Thompson – 605-690-1529 0r

Gettysburg: Anna Lacey, 605-769-0734 or

Mitchell:  Briana Mueller, FCP, 605-299-5026 or

Sioux Falls:  Avera McKennan Fertility Care Services
Second Tuesday of every month, 5:30 p.m.  Pre-register by calling Barb Giles , RN (605) 322-4434
Meghan Krueger 605-323-7320 or
Brynn Manning BSN, RN, MMST – 402-741-0844 or (available in person and via videocall) – Marquette Method of NFP

Yankton:  Donna and Chuck Kramer (402) 357-3596 (Fordyce, NE) or email

Marquette Method

The Marquette Model (MM) system brings 21st century technology to NFP.  It is a system that uses an algorithm with other biological signs of fertility (i.e., urine hormones, mucus and/or temperature) to help identify the woman’s fertile window. The Clearblue fertility monitor is an at home device that measures hormone levels in urine to estimate the beginning and end of the time of fertility in a women’s menstrual cycle. The information from the monitor can be used in conjunction with observations of cervical mucus, basal body temperature, or other biological indicators of fertility.  The MM was developed by professional nurses and physicians at Marquette University in the late 1990s.  Learning how to monitor fertility through NFP aids a couple in the understanding, appreciation, and holistic integration of this precious gift.  Please contact the listed instructor for more information. (Description by Marquette University Institute for Natural Family Planning).

Watertown:  Bridget Bauman BSN, Rn, NFP Teacher (605) 886-4049 or

Vermillion: Sierra Cargill – 712-253-7408 or (available in person and via zoom)

Yankton: Anna Speirs RN, BSN – 605-520-1276 or (available in person and via zoom)

Medical Consultants & Physicians

These physicians have extensive training with Natural Family Planning and Fertility Care. They do not prescribe contraceptives.

Aberdeen:  David Wachs, MD, CFCMC, CFCP Avera St. Luke’s Fertility Care Services, Aberdeen & Family Practice, Avera Aberdeen Family Physicians (605)-225-0378
Michael Knapp, DO, CFCMC, Family Practice (605)225-0378

Sioux Falls: Glenn Ridder, MD, Family Practice, Director of Avera McKennan Fertility Care Services & Family Practice, Sanford Clinic, Sioux Falls (605)-328-5800

Marah Van Diest, MD, Family Practice, Avera Medical Group (Dawley Farm), (605)504-5600