Teachers of Excellence

Teachers are at the core of the education and success of students enrolled in the Bishop O’Gorman Catholic School students. To celebrate the excellent faculty at all schools and all levels, Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools’ teachers will have the opportunity to be nominated as Teachers of Excellence, recognizing their exceptional efforts in Catholic education.

Eligibility to be Nominated as a Teacher of Excellence

  • Nominees must teach at least half time (.5 FTE) and must be the sole teacher in a classroom.  Individuals teaching specials also qualify as having their own classroom (e.g. PE, art, music, academic services, computer, etc.)
  • Nominees must have a minimum of three years of experience within the Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools.

Nomination Process

1. Nominate a teacher

Nominations may be made by colleagues, priests or parents. School principals and system administrators may not nominate teachers.


Nominees must exemplify characteristics of a Teacher of Excellence

3. Solicit three (3) people to share their support for the teacher nomminated

Supporters may be colleagues, parents and community members. Please include supporter’s email in the nomination. School principals may not write letters of support

4. The teacher nominated will be contacted

The teacher nominated will be contacted and asked to answer a few questions.

*The link to nominate a teacher will be available January 8th*

Nominations are accepted January 8, 2024 – March 15, 2024

Evaluation of Nominations

Nominations are processed by the Office of Catholic Schools at the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls. Nominations will be presented without naming the teacher or school (blinded) to a selection committee consisting of former teachers and administrators. The nominations will be evaluated on the way in which a teacher exemplifies the Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools mission and values and characteristics of a Teacher of Excellence.

Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools Mission

To form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through Gospel values and academic excellence.

Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools Core Values

  • Faith – Exemplify Gospel values in our daily lives
  • Integrity – Adhere to the highest ethical standards
  • Excellence – Strive to deliver superior results
  • Unity – Support and contribute to the success of the organization