Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls

Fr. Michael Wensing’s vocation story | Catholic Views – November 20, 2022

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Fr. Michael Wensing joins us to talk about life growing up in rural South Dakota and how he first heard his call to the priesthood. From farmer to barber, Fr. Wensing is a man of many talents!

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Biblical Bites with Dr. B

During this week’s episode Dr. B has us ponder two questions, what is today? And did Saul actually have a New York accent? Further Dr. B adds to Elise’s list of, “I’m too young to know what you’re talking about” references. Luckily Casey understood and laughed at his joke. I leave you with one more question, can you say The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe three times fast? Enjoy this week’s Biblical Bites!