Faith & Family

Parents are the first and primary educators of the faith. The Church takes seriously her role to assist parishes and families to be the Domestic Church as work in the world. There are many wonderful resources available to families.

Living Liturgically

Family Formation Ideas: Lenten Addition

Catholic All Year

Magnificat for kids


Family Formation Resources

There are countless books, blogs, publishers and companies that provide beautiful resources to assist Catholic families to grow in the faith. While impossible to create a comprehensive list, it is our hope to offer a few ideas of where you can find the resources you need to support your family. Contact your parish for additional resources!

Pflaum Gospel Weeklies 

Catholic Family Crate

Unleash the Gospel

Dyanic Catholic Blessed Series


Holy Heroes

It’s Great to Be You

It’s Great to Be You is an evening for mothers & daughters or fathers & sons to open the conversation about the physical, emotional and spiritual changes of adolescence. This program is available to bring to your parish. Fall dates coming soon.