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The story of Monsignor Charles Mangan | Catholic Views – August 1, 2021

Catholic Views
The Story of Monsignor Charles Mangan He may be gone, but he'll be back. Before he left we sat down with Monsignor Charles Mangan to talk about how he got here, and the many places he has been, and going. Sorry no video available. View Full Archive of Episodes Don't Miss this weeks Biblical Bites with Dr. B Bread is becoming a common theme Mana... mmmmmm. The new testament is hidden in the old and the old testament is revealed in the new. This week and last week are great examples of this saying. Dr. Chris gives a great explanation of this concept.
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Prison Ministry offers new beginning | Catholic Views – July 25, 2021

Catholic Views
Prison Ministry offers new beginning We are joined in the studio this week with Fr. Jeff Norfolk and Mo Irvine, who both work in the office of prison ministry for the diocese. They have some fascinating stories and incite into the lives of people who are in need of the church to help them through some difficult times in their lives. View Full Archive of Episodes Don't Miss this weeks Biblical Bites with Dr. B A Very Good Place to Start How do you feed hundreds of people with 5 loaves of bread?  Well  you recline back and feast away. We are leading up to the Bread of Life discourse. This is a great place to start.
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Fr. Shaun Haggerty’s Faith Journey | Catholic Views – July 18, 2021

Catholic Views
Fr. Shaun Haggerty’s Faith Journey It's the classic story of 1 second left on the clock and we have to make the field goal to win the Homecoming Game! Fr. Shaun recounts his path to the priesthood which was a journey he shared with a twin brother.... almost the whole way. View Full Archive of Episodes Don't Miss this weeks Biblical Bites with Dr. B I'm The Map Parents with children will understand the title reference... but for those who haven't listened to Biblical Bites before, Dr. Chris tends to take us on a geographical journey through the ancient world via the reading for the week. This episode is no exception. Enter the Land of Ephesians! (Is that a Genesis song? I'm confused. (ha... see what I did there))…
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Living Liturgically | Catholic Views – July 11, 2021

Catholic Views
Living Liturgically Meet Robyn Bruggeman, she's living lit... liturgically that is. If you are not following nor have seen her on Instagram (@divine9livinglit), this is a great way to be introduced to her family's way of living, and how it can better empower your family to live a life of Christ. View Full Archive of Episodes Don't Miss this weeks Biblical Bites with Dr. B Dresser of Sycamore's Amos gives us some insight into his career path prior to being called to be a prophet. What is a dresser of Sycamore's? Leave a comment on our YouTube page with your answer or best guest. You can find the answer in the link below.
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