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BONUS EPISODE A fun, quick, easy DIY for Advent that anyone can do! | Living Lit

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In this bonus episode of Living LIT, Renae Kranz joins Robyn in studio to have some fun with an easy DIY for Advent. We use Advent candle wraps from Robyn’s guest On “Living LIT” this week (The Little Rose Shop) and dollar store candles. The wrapped candles make a beautiful addition to Advent decor in your home and are functional in your domestic church! Huge thanks to @TheLittleRoseShop for coming up with this sweet treat and sharing it! Click this link to download YOUR Advent Candle Wraps. And click the Living Lit link to watch/listen to Raquel from The Little Rose Shop visit with Robyn about another free gift you need to help simplify your liturgical life.


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