May 21, 2024

Pope Francis named this year as the Year of St. Joseph to honor Jesus’ adopted father and to mark the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph being declared the patron of the Universal Church by Pope Pius IX. St. Joseph is also the patron of our diocese. Have you done anything to mark this year yet? How about taking a pilgrimage?

Take a St. Joseph pilgrimage around the Diocese of Sioux Falls by visiting any of the nine St. Joseph parishes in our diocese. These parishes are spread throughout eastern South Dakota, so you should be able to visit at least a couple in your area. Feeling ambitious and in need of a road trip? Visit them all!

Don’t forget your selfie stick or you’ll end up with this!

When you visit each parish, take a selfie including you with the church or church sign in the background. Create a memory album of your pilgrimage to remember the adventure. Or, come to the St. Joseph Festival on October 29 in Sioux Falls (see details on page 22) and show us your pictures to receive a certificate of completion of the Year of St. Joseph diocesan parish pilgrimage. Each certificate holder will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. (If you do this as a family, be sure to include everyone in the selfie and each member of the family will receive their own certificate and chance to win.)

Before you go, be sure to check the parish website ( or call the parish for information about when it is open. Many parishes are open during the day and are ready to welcome you!

Parishes included in the pilgrimage

St. Joseph the Workman – Huntimer
46408 245th St., Colton, SD 57018

St. Joseph – Elk Point
605 E Main St., Elk Point, SD 57025

St. Joseph – Eureka
602 2nd St., Eureka, SD 57437

St. Joseph – Fort Thompson
817 SD-47, Chamberlain, SD 57325

St. Joseph – Grenville
22 St. Joseph St., Grenville, SD 57239

St. Joseph – Mobridge
518 2nd Ave. W, Mobridge, SD 57601

Cathedral of St. Joseph – Sioux Falls
521 N Duluth Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104

St. Joseph – Turton
201 E Linden St., Turton, SD 57477

St. Joseph – Wessington Springs
507 Barrett Ave. N, Wessington Springs, SD 57382