Healing Rosary offers prayers for the sick and dying

Parishioners at St. Charles Parish, Big Stone City, have started a ministry to pray for the sick and the dying. Called the Healing Rosary, prayer warriors gather once a week to pray the rosary, placing all prayer requests at the feet of the Blessed Mother. Many of the prayer requests are for the sick and infirm, as well as those in hospice or near death.

The ministry started at the request of parish member Pat Meyer. According to her husband Vince, she prayed the rosary “from the time she got up until the angels would take her for the night.”

As Pat’s battle with cancer drew to an end, parishioners quickly gathered at her farm and outside the window of her hospital room to pray the rosary (pictured above). The pain she experienced subsided while rosaries were prayed outside her window. More than 60 people came to pray for her.

Requests kept coming in for prayers for others and the new ministry was born. Wade and Cindy Van Dover have been greatly affected by the ministry because of the joy they see in the person’s face as they pray for them.

“It really is like no other rosary we’ve prayed before with the community coming together in this time of need for this person who is nearing the end,” the Van Dover’s said. “It’s a way for us to share God’s love and let them know that we are there and we care and God loves them infinitely.”

The group meets on Monday evenings. If you want more information, contact Pat Kaiser at bigstone.stcharles@sfcatholic.org.