June 25, 2024
Sister Leonarda Longen, OSB

Two Yankton Benedictine sisters from Sacred Heart Monastery were inducted into the Mount Marty University Fine Arts Hall of Fame on Oct. 1, 2023.


Sister Leonarda Longen, OSB, a master calligrapher, began her teaching career at Mount Marty High School in 1934. She continued teaching at Mount Marty University until 1982 where she shared her book Manual of Calligraphy, which featured four different writing styles. Sister Leonarda was posthumously inducted into the MMU Fine Arts Hall of Fame.

Sister Cynthia Binder, OSB

Sister Cynthia Binder, OSB, taught French, English, Spanish, German, business communication, and literature at Mount Marty High School and College, only recently retiring from the university after 58 years. In later years she added courses on the history of film and other topics related to film. Although she has retired, she keeps busy helping out at the monastery reception and showing one of her vast collection of films to the sisters.