Bishop Swain’s Column

Bishop Paul J. Swain’s monthly column in the Bishop’s Bulletin

The Lord shines in the darkest of moments

O come, let us adore Him. In 2005 the more than 150-year-old Cathedral of St. Raphael in Madison, Wisconsin, was set on fire by a troubled soul while I was sleeping in the attached rectory. I rose from bed as usual about 5:30 a.m. and turned on the radio to learn the weather forecast. Instead […]

Be grateful for the blessings we enjoy

As I have grown older, November has become among my favorite months even though it is the entryway into winter. That was not always the case. Tailgating before Wisconsin Badger football games in November was not as much fun as on warmer days. But what November has become for me is a time of recognition […]

Affirm your priests, deacons and seminarians

The theme for this month’s Bulletin is “Discerning a Vocation in a Time of Crisis.” Surely these are challenging times for us all, but especially for our priests and seminarians. That a few would betray their promise of chastity and cast a shadow over the vast majority of our brothers is discouraging to say the […]

Actions taken by Bishop’s Conference address clergy abuse

At the June meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, major attention was given to strengthening efforts to address clergy child sexual abuse and assuring accountability of bishops. Below is a summary of the meeting including excerpts from a resource prepared by Conference staff which highlights the new policies and procedures we bishops […]