This Month’s Bishop’s Bulletin

Bishop Swain’s Coloumn

Reflecting on the chances we take in life

Spring and the impending summer find us spending more time driving for ministry and for pleasure. I have many confirmations in April and May when travel is more predictable, although an occasional blizzard can change plans quickly. Driving can be enjoyable or a chore depending on the attitude we bring to it. Some love seeing […]

Fr. Mike Griffin’s Column

Like all living things, a parish needs love

Every so often, I forget something about trees. The other day I went to a few stores and picked up the necessary supplies to plant some flowers and vegetables and herbs for the planters on our deck. I bought the potting soil and the plants and a few new items for the season and then […]

This Month’s Featured Story

Humanae vitae The Timeless Teaching from the Church on Marital Love

As papal documents go, Humanae vitae (On Human Life) is short, readable and understandable. As it reaches the 50th anniversary of being issued it provides both a summary of the Church’s longstanding teaching on marriage and sexuality and a way forward in addressing many of the challenges surrounding marriage and families today. That this encyclical […]