This Month’s Bishop’s Bulletin

Bishop Swain’s Coloumn

May we with…open hearts learn the music of our day

These are troubling times, as are all times. Yet these are also hopeful times, as are all times… As I write this column our nation had just experienced the violent racist hatred expressed in Virginia which was then compounded by the violent religious hatred expressed in terrorist attacks in Spain, both of which not only […]

Fr. Mike Griffin’s Column

Changing in profound ways

Last month one of my dogs, Keisha, celebrated her ninth birthday. Well, to be honest, I celebrated it and she didn’t seem to notice it much, but she did enjoy the treat and I was gentleman enough not to speak about a lady’s age. But as we paused to honor her birth, I also paused […]

This Month’s Featured Story

Building Vibrant Catholic Parishes Building Vibrant Catholic Parishes

by Maricarrol Keuter for the Bishop’s Bulletin Some rural families in eastern South Dakota drive up to 45 miles to attend Sunday Mass. These dedicated parishioners are key members of their faith communities. But for a pastor, the idea of cultivating an active parish life with such a far-flung population may seem daunting. From his […]