This Month’s Bishop’s Bulletin

Bishop Swain’s Column

Actions taken by Bishop’s Conference address clergy abuse

At the June meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, major attention was given to strengthening efforts to address clergy child sexual abuse and assuring accountability of bishops. Below is a summary of the meeting including excerpts from a resource prepared by Conference staff which highlights the new policies and procedures we bishops […]

Fr. Mike Griffin’s Column

Rejoicing in the lantern light of the Presentation Sisters

A few weeks ago I sat on a clear and beautiful Aberdeen afternoon to witness the groundbreaking for Presentation Place, the new residence for the Presentation Sisters. The speakers were standing at a podium placed in front of the architectural drawings of the beautiful building which will soon be built, and as I listened to […]

This Month’s Featured Story

Chastity, It’s for Everyone!

by Renae Kranz Try this experiment. If you have an iPhone, try typing “chastity” in a text message. As you type, watch the autocomplete feature. On my phone and others I tested, the iPhone didn’t know the word “chastity” at all. How is this possible? It’s possible because in a fallen world, we can’t expect […]