This Month’s Bishop’s Bulletin

Bishop Swain’s Coloumn

There is another world to sing in if we remain faithful

Publisher’s note: Below is an edited version of my homily preached at the O’Gorman High School Graduation Mass on May 20. I pray it offers some perspective and encouragement for all who are facing transitions. At another graduation one person in attendance could not understand what the main speaker had said and asked “what did […]

Fr. Mike Griffin’s Column

We are blessed, enormously blessed…

If you walk through a rectory in which I live, you will usually find a few pictures hanging on the walls that do not seem to fit. One such picture I have hanging just outside the dining room is a framed picture, an old sepia picture, of a young college baseball player. He is standing in front […]

This Month’s Featured Story

Communication the Good News

As he followed a school bus north on Interstate 29, Father Michael Griffin couldn’t help but wonder about the students inside. He knew their high school had lost the state championship football game the night before and the bus was likely taking them home. As he drove, Father Griffin said he started to think about […]