This Month’s Bishop’s Bulletin

Bishop Swain’s Column

Lent is a time for honest reflection

The penitential season of Lent is upon us. Below are excerpts from my past columns in The Bishop’s Bulletin encouraging taking full advantage of this special time in the Church calendar. From March 2010: When I was growing up I was not a Catholic and attended public schools. In my mind, there was something intriguing […]

Fr. Mike Griffin’s Column

An Elegy

On the first day of November in the year 2006, a puppy was born. I was, of course, totally unaware of this event. He was born, wet and blind and whimpering for milk, beginning a life-long obsession with food. He grew as puppies do, growing into his pure puppy cuteness. I have seen, and taken, […]

This Month’s Featured Story

Marring in the Church The Richness of Marrying in the Church

Weddings today can get complicated. Much time and energy often goes in to perfecting the decorations, flowers, dresses and tuxedoes, receptions, dances, invitation lists and so much more. Actually, this is not only a modern reality, as we know weddings long ago had challenges; Jesus’ first miracle saved the day at the wedding feast at […]