Fr. Mike Griffin’s Column

Fr. Mike Griffin’s monthly column in the Bishop’s Bulletin.

What makes each Lent unique is you

A few years ago Bishop Swain honored me with a request to become the pastor of Saint Mary parish in Aberdeen. While I was sad to be leaving Pierre, I was excited about the challenges and opportunities a new parish affords. However, unlike any of my other transfers, this one brought me home. I was […]

Pausing before entering the intersection

F or several months this past summer and early autumn, the road along our parking lot, Kline Street, was torn up to replace some sewer lines and for other routine maintenance. For those months I had the chance to watch the workers as they labored their long hours, rolling in as I unlocked the church […]

Hearing gentle lessons in winter coziness

Thanksgiving is long over, Christmas Day is behind us, and even New Year’s Day has passed. We are still celebrating the beautiful season of Christmas in our parish churches, but for many the decorations in the home are being put away for the year. This takes us into January. Now this is not a huge […]

Making our support tangible

Several years ago I was standing in the Exchange store at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I was a few days away from graduating from the Army Chaplain School and was there to pick up my dress uniform from the tailor. I also knew I was just a few days from leaving for my deployment to […]

Growth and change, day by day

A few weeks ago I drove to Brookings for the annual Hobo Day festivities. This has become something of an annual tradition, and because of that, certain rituals and routines have arisen. I tend to park in the same place, stop in at the Newman Center on my way to the parade, watch the parade […]

The challenge of a giant leap

When I was 6 years old, just a few weeks before I started first grade, a lunar module designated “Eagle,” landed on the moon. A little over six hours later, Neil Armstrong, the commander of the mission, stepped from the module to the lunar surface. The first human being to step on a soil that […]

Working to reveal the splendor of Christ

Here in Aberdeen, we have a little place called “The Roncalli Nearly New.” It is a small shop on north Main Street where people drop off their stuff and some nice people in the back sort it and price it and put it out for sale. They work so hard and all the profits go […]

Rejoicing in the lantern light of the Presentation Sisters

A few weeks ago I sat on a clear and beautiful Aberdeen afternoon to witness the groundbreaking for Presentation Place, the new residence for the Presentation Sisters. The speakers were standing at a podium placed in front of the architectural drawings of the beautiful building which will soon be built, and as I listened to […]

How to do the impossible

When I was in high school, my friend Roger and I got into an argument. It was an odd argument that took place over our lunch trays one obscure day. We were discussing television and I mentioned that on Saturday night, I had stopped watching “The Carol Burnett Show” in favor of “The Love Boat.” […]

Rejoice, let Mother Church also rejoice

We gathered in Easter darkness around a fire and lit a candle that will carry the fire of this Holy Night throughout the year. We carried the candle inside and lit many, many candles from this one flame, this one light, until the inside of the church was aglow with our baptismal light. Bathed in […]