Search for Christian Maturity

Search For Christian Maturity

Upcoming Retreats

Check out the SEARCH website for upcoming retreat dates:

SEARCH retreats are held at Holy Spirit Church in Sioux Falls (3601 Dudley Lane). The weekend begins at 8:00 pm Friday evening and ends 5:00 pm on Sunday. Registration opens two months prior to the retreat. For questions regarding Search, call (605) 371-1478 or email

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Early Registration Codes

These coupon codes work for every retreat:

  • NEW = $15 off registration fee (Valid for New Searchers. Expires 30 days before retreat)
  • TEAM = $10 off registration fee (Valid for Team Members. Expires 30 days before retreat)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is SEARCH, and what do we do?

A. SEARCH for Christian Maturity is a Roman Catholic oriented retreat program run by the Sioux Falls SEARCH Board and is overseen by the Diocese of Sioux Falls. Young adults and adult coordinators who have made a SEARCH will be conducting the weekend. The weekend consists of talks, skits, music, and receiving the sacraments of the church. A priest does act as Spiritual Director on the weekend.

Q. Who can attend SEARCH?

A. Sophomores in high school or persons 16 years of age and older. Adults are welcome and typically find it to be a very enjoyable weekend when they do come. There is a limit of eight new searchers/parish.

Q. Why do you only allow 8 new participants from each parish?

A. There are a couple of reasons. Because of our facilities and the way the program is set-up, we limit our spots to 40 new searchers. One reason is that we want all parishes to have a chance to get people on the retreat. Another is that we have small groups on the weekend. We have found that having new searchers from the same parish is typically not as effective as splitting them in to different groups. There are exceptions to this rule. For example, if a weekend is not filled one week before the retreat, extra people from a parish may be let on if there are enough small groups. We do send letters out to those who are on a waiting list and will contact them with more information if this occurs.

Q. How much does SEARCH cost?

A. $85.00/person for New Searcher (those attending for the 1st time).
B. $35.00/ person for Team (those who have attended the retreat before).
*See early bird registration codes listed above for discounted prices.*

Q. When will registrations for retreat be open?

A. New SEARCH registrations will open 2 months prior to the weekend. Team registration will open the Monday following the retreat.

Cancellation Policy – Please be aware of our policies regarding cancellations as follows: It sometimes becomes necessary for the Diocese to cancel a scheduled event due to low numbers, weather, or other extenuating circumstances. Please note that every attempt possible will be made to notify you of this cancellation. If the diocese does cancel an event, all fees will be fully reimbursed. Due to overwhelming demand and the need for advance planning, we require a definite commitment from participants. Therefore, all payments are nonrefundable. Failure to pay by the requested date will result in a forfeiture of your spots so we can accommodate, to the best of our abilities, any over-flow. Please be aware that these policies are in place so that we may be as fair as possible to all groups and so that we may prepare adequately for the participants who are able to attend.

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