Lay Movements

Sioux Falls SEARCH

SEARCH for Christian Maturity is a Roman Catholic oriented retreat program run by the Sioux Falls SEARCH Board and is overseen by the Diocese of Sioux Falls. Young adults and adult coordinators who have made a SEARCH will be conducting the weekend. The weekend consists of talks, skits, music, and receiving the sacraments of the church. A priest does act as Spiritual Director on the weekend.

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Ecce Ancilla Domini

A discernment group for young women in the Sioux Falls area. This group exists to provide support, formation in the interior life, and a life of shared joy for young women who are discerning a vocation to the religious life.  The women meet for prayer, formation, and fellowship.  Those who choose to “walk with” the group intentionally for a period of discernment gain the opportunity for one-on-one spiritual direction, small groups, and the gift of a committed life.  Find out more at:


Suscipe is an online community and formation for disciples. We bring together individuals who have experienced the love the Jesus Christ in their life and desire to commit their entire lives to Him to grow in their interior life through prayer, community and formation opportunities so that they can grow in the confidence that they are doing the Lord’s will in their lives and living in and through His love at every moment of every day.  To find out more visit: