For Youth Leaders

Welcome and thank you for your work with the youth!

Below you will find links to the general resources and offerings of the Office of Youth Discipleship & Evangelization.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything that we can do for you!

Confirmation Retreat

The Diocese is providing a Confirmation Retreat on November 14th from 12pm- 6pm at St. Thomas More Parish, Brookings.  Lunch will be provided.  All registrations are done through your parish and close November 5th.  The parish is required to send adult helpers with their youth attending to assist with small groups. There must be one adult for every 5 youth (ex. 2 youth = 1 adult,  7 youth = 2 adults).  The parish is responsible for ensuring these adults have all met the Safe Environment requirements laid out by the Diocese.  You will provide copies of this information for the Retreat Coordinator.  Click here to download the registration form to be sent to the Diocese by November 5th.  More details can be found here: 

New Parish Catechetical Leader’s Orientation

Be watching for an email from us about the new date for this year’s PCL Orientation day. If you are new to the Parish Catechetical Leaders (PCL) position, we are offering a day of orientation (date TBD) from 9am-4pm here at the chancery.  All PCL’s are welcome.  The day will include lunch, hearing from the 3 Directors of Discipleship and Evangelization and meeting the heads of the different departments within the chancery.  This is a great way to meet fellow PCL’s and obtain an understanding as to how the diocese can be of assistance to you in your new role within the parish.    We will be streaming via Zoom as well for those not able to attend in person.  If you require the zoom link, please contact Grace Tibbetts at 

Parish Catechetical Leaders Day

Save the date: November 5th, 2021 from 9am-4pm @ St. Thomas More Parish, Brookings.  There will be Mass, presentations from the diocesan Discipleship & Evangelization team,  and discussion about how we can make Bishop’s vision a reality in your parish. Lunch provided. If you are a priest, deacon, DRE, YM, RCIA coordinator, or discipleship coordinator, you should plan on attending if possible!  Registrations will be open soon!

Parish Catechetical Leaders (PCL) Email List

If you are not already receiving the Parish Catechetical Leaders (PCL) Emails, click the “PCL Email Signup” button below to get on the list!  This email list is used to keep you informed about the many things happening in the Office of Discipleship and Evangelization and throughout the Diocese.  We are striving to send out updates as we get them in lieu of a newsletter.


Diocese of Sioux Falls Youth Leader Forum

The Youth Leader Forum is an online forum for youth leaders within the Diocese of Sioux Falls to communicate, network, ask questions and share resources with each other.  This forum is primarily used as an email address that can be used to send an email to all of the youth leaders that have subscribed to the forum.  Any of the subscribers can send an email through this email address.  For more details check out the Sioux Falls Youth Leader Forum webpage.

Weekly Youth Leader Zoom Meetings

Every Tuesday at 11am there will be a meeting for all parish youth leaders and pastors around the diocese.  Meetings will be one hour long. These meetings are recorded and available upon request.

To get involved in these meetings, please ensure you are on the PCL email list and join the portal. If you have topics or ideas to bring to the meeting, please let Eric know.


Sacramental Preparation

Religious Education

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