What is Family Night?

Every Sunday (June 7th – August 2nd) we are hosting a Diocesan wide Family Night.  Family Night is geared towards families of any demographic.  Whether you have no kids, young children, teenagers, and/or kids that have already “left the nest,” Family Night is an opportunity to grow together.  Family Night is held in your own home!

How Do We Participate?

Those who are signed up will be sent an email or text on the Wednesday prior to Family Night that has all of the information they need to coordinate Family Night in their home.  While the material could really be used any time, we’re inviting all families to start family night at 7pm each Sunday.  Our office will be hosting a live online event (roughly 15 minutes) that will include a simple fun activity, prayer, and an introduction to the theme for the night.  After that, we encourage families to “log off” the computer, turn off the T.V., and spend the rest of family night together going through the simple materials we provided earlier in the week.

How Do I Sign Up?

Have one person from your family sign up either by CLICKING HERE or you can TEXT the keyword FAMILYNIGHT to 84576.

What Content Will Be Covered

Each week we will focus on a value that is especially important to family life and assists families in being healthy, happy, and holy.  These include joy, prayer, identity, relationships, etc.

What If I Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at 605-988-3766 or email Becca Ekeren at rekeren@sfcatholic.org.   If you’re signed up already, you can also reply to any text or email that is sent and we’ll respond right away!

Your financial support helps us to keep the costs to our attendees low and offer scholarships to those who are not able to participate otherwise.  Click the button below to support these efforts.