Triduum Resources

The Triduum liturgies are some of the richest liturgies that we celebrate.  They are also some of the more difficult liturgies to organize and celebrate.  The following are resources that can assist you during the coming celebration of the Triduum.

  1. The singing of the Exsultet.  This link from Corpus Christi Watershead provides different examples of the Exsultet.  The Exsultet should always be sung.  If a deacon or priest is unable, a lay person should be appointed.  When a lay person is appointed they do not sing the part beginning with: ‘Therefore, dearest friends’ through the preface dialogue
  2. The document linked to the icon below is a diagram for a Eucharistic Procession.  On Holy Thursday a procession such as this could be formed for the transfer of the Blessed Sacrament to the altar of repose.  This diagram is usable for a Corpus Christi procession as well.
    Diagram of Eucharistic Procession