Ministry Tech Days 2017

New in 2017 the Diocese is offering a free workshop day called Ministry Tech Day this is for anyone interested in enhancing the ministry of Catholic churches, organizations and schools through technology. This workshop is for beginners to full fledged techies. We hope to make this an annual event with new topics each year. Workshops were held in Sioux Falls, Kimball and at Abbey of the Hills.

Electronic Payments and Online Event Registrations

Ministry Tech Days 2017, Presentations
ElectronicPayments and Online Giving Registrations-Carla Haiar We strongly believe that online payment is a crucial touchpoint for event ticketing which can affect ticket sales. As of today, our clients are leading hospitality and entertainment enterprises, based in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, and other European countries. Our event ticketing system supports over 150 currencies and is integrated with online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, WePay,, Sage, Braintree, and Meritus. Don’t miss out on a single ticket sale even if your event attendee prefers cash over credit. Check out different payment options for your events with Yapsody. Credit & Debit Card You can start accepting online payments for selling tickets online through Credit & Debit Card by linking your preferred payment gateway for the Online Ticket…
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