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What to do when you discover your child has stumbled upon porn | Living Lit

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What do you do if you discover your child has stumbled upon pornography? How can you handle this situation with sensitivity, care and compassion? What are the next steps?  Fr Kristopher Cowles is back for a follow up episode to last week where we talked about How to talk with your kids about porn and keeping them safe. But if it’s too late and porn has already found your child or loved one, and you need some guidance on what to do now. Fr Cowles gives us some scripting ideas on opening up the conversation to talk about it, and how to find healing and recovery.



PRAYER: You have the direct link already 🙂 Seek the Lord’s Guidance, He will direct you.
Covenant Eyes:
Fight the New Drug:
Integrity Restored:
The Augustine Way:
Fr. Cowles and Fr. O’Dell on Real Presence Radio:
Chastity Project:
Focus on the Family:
Truth and Love:
USCCB Statement on Pornography:

Resources from the diocesan Safe Environment office:
Internet Safety 101 site:
Internet Saftey 101 document:
Protect Young Eyes:

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