Priests of the Diocese of Sioux Falls

Below is a list of all active and retired Priests of the Diocese of Sioux Falls.

Reverend Kevin M. O'Dell

St Therese Parish 901 N Tahoe Trl
Sioux Falls,SD 57110

Reverend Edward Anderson
Reverend Terence R. Anderson
Reverend Thomas Anderson
Monsignor James F. Andraschko
Reverend David Axtmann
Reverend Mark Axtmann
Reverend Ken Bain
Reverend Hal L. Barber
Monsignor Steve Barnett
Reverend Richard Baumberger
Reverend Doug Binsfeld
Reverend John W. Brady
Reverend James I. Bream
Monsignor Edward Burian
Reverend Dana Christensen
Very Reverend Charles L. Cimpl
Reverend Albert Cizewski
Reverend Thomas Clement
Reverend Timothy M. Cone
Reverend Kristopher Cowles
Reverend Joseph Dean, SCJ
Reverend Gary DeRouchey
Reverend David Desmond
Reverend Andrew Dickinson
Reverend Jacob T. Doty
Reverend Kevin P. Doyle
Reverend Brian Eckrich
Reverend Rodney L. Farke
Reverend John M. Fischer
Reverend Thomas M. Fitzpatrick
Reverend Joseph T. Forcelle
Reverend Richard D. Fox
Reverend Gregory Frankman
Reverend Jim Friedrich
Reverend Cathal Gallagher
Reverend David Garza
Reverend Roger L. Geditz
Reverend Michael L. Griffin
Reverend Patrick Grode
Reverend Shaun T. Haggerty
Reverend William Hamak
Reverend Thomas J. Hartman
Reverend John Helmueller
Monsignor Carlton Hermann
Reverend Jerome J. Holtzman
Reverend Joseph Holzhauser
Reverend Russell Homic
Reverend Christopher Hughes
Reverend Yamato Icochea
Reverend Donald Imming
Reverend David A. Janes
Reverend Steven Jones
Reverend Paul T. Josten
Reverend Michael Kapperman
Reverend DeWayne F. Kayser
Reverend Andrew Kelly
Reverend Michael D. Kelly
Reverend Paul King
Reverend Anthony Klein
Reverend Anthony Kluckman, SCJ
Reverend Jerome Kopel
Reverend Kenneth Koster
Reverend Robert Krantz
Reverend David Krogman
Reverend Melvin Kuhn
Reverend Grant E. Lacey
Reverend Robert L. Lacey
Reverend John R. Lantsberger
Reverend Martin E. Lawrence
Reverend Mark Lichter
Reverend Ken D. Lulf
Monsignor Charles M. Mangan
Reverend James E. Mason
Reverend Mark Mastin, SCJ
Reverend Tyler Mattson
Rev Mark McGregor, SJ
Reverend Denis E. Meier
Reverend Scott J. Miller
Very Reverend James P. Morgan
Reverend Daniel Moris
Reverend Chester Murtha
Reverend Jeffrey T. Norfolk
Reverend Kevin M. O'Dell
Reverend Valerian Odermann, OSB
Reverend William A. Osborn
Reverend Lance K. Oser
Reverend Randy L. Phillips
Reverend Edward J. Pierce
Reverend Richard Praveen Kumar, SCJ
Reverend Joseph Puthenkulathil
Reverend John S. Rader
Reverend A. W. Ramos
Reverend Jerome Ranek
Reverend John C. Rasmussen
Reverend Larry Regynski
Reverend John R. Reidman
Reverend Barry Reuwsaat
Reverend David Roehrich
Reverend Bernard J. Rosinski, SCJ
Reverend John Rutten
Reverend Paul Rutten
Reverend Jordan Samson
Reverend Darin Schmidt
Reverend Michael Schmitz
Reverend Michael R. Schneider
Reverend Joseph Scholten
Reverend Jeffrey J. Schulte
Reverend Joseph Sheehan, O CARM
Reverend John Short
Reverend Brian P. Simon
Reverend Daniel H. Smith
Reverend Timothy J. Smith
Reverend David E. Stevens
Reverend Shane D. Stevens
Bishop Paul J. Swain
Reverend Andrew Swietochowski
Reverend Gary J. Ternes
Reverend Andrew Thuringer
Reverend Gerald J. Thury
Reverend Scott Traynor
Very Reverend Gregory A. Tschakert
Reverend Anthony Urban
Reverend Cesar Valencia
Reverend Jonathan Venner
Reverend Robert Vinslauski
Reverend Joe A. Vogel
Monsignor Joseph R. Wagner
Reverend Terry L. Weber
Reverend Michael G. Wensing
Reverend Daniel R. Wolfgram
Reverend Robert D. Wullweber
Reverend Andrew Young
Reverend Kevin J. Zilverberg
Reverend James W. Zimmer