Lumen Christi Missionary Program

The Lumen Christi program is supported almost entirely through donations.   We do not charge parishes or schools to host the team, put on retreats, etc.   

These donations typically come from one of three places:

  1. One-Time or Monthly Gifts from individuals who have been impacted by the Lumen Christi program.
  2. Personal Support to Missionaries from their Mission Support Team. 
  3. Donations from Parishes and Schools in gratitude for the events and programming being offered by our missionaries.
If you’ve been impacted by the ministry offered through Lumen Christi and/or wish to support one of the missionaries financially, you can do so by clicking the button below.   
While you might not be called to give up a few months or years of your life to serve as a missionary, you can support these efforts through prayer and a financial gift.  Together, we can live out the call from our Bishop and the vision of our Diocese to make Lifelong Catholic Missionary Disciples, Through God’s Love!

Prayer Support Team

Every month the Missionaries will send out several types of prayer intentions — some are for the program specifically, and others are personal intentions submitted by our missionaries or by you, our mission partners. 

Click the “Join our prayer team” button at the top of the page to join this mailing list!

Host, Feed, and Support Our Current Teams

Our missionaries rely 100% on the generosity of others for their food, housing, and basic ministry costs.  Click on a team below to learn more about them and how you can support them.  

Coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can join a specific missionary’s support team by clicking the Make a Donation button below.  On the donation form you can specify which missionary you would like to support with your financial gift. 

Yes, simply fill out this form, attach a voided check and mail it in to:

Lumen Christi  523 N Duluth Ave.  Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Absolutely! We would love to have you join the mission as a prayer partner.  Please pray for our missionaries, and the work they are doing for our diocese. 

We would love to pray for you and your needs as well. Sign up for our Prayer Intention updates here and let us know how we can best pray for you!

The typical cost of brining in a missionary team for a day event is $800.  However, we are not charging parishes or schools anything this year. Rather, we will be reaching out to those parishes and schools for a donation, if they are able, and seeking mission partners to help financially support this ministry and keep it available for our diocese.