Last Collar Standing

About Last Collar Standing

Last Collar Standing is a fundraising opportunity for our in house Lumen Christi Missionary program.  Thanks to your generous support of this and other events we are able to have 7 Lumen Christi Missionaries serving our diocese this year! These missionaries are sent to your parishes year round to help form and disciple the youth.
The event consists of 12 priests gathering by Zoom during a livestreamed competition to answer trivia questions, complete in physical challenges and test their willpower to see who will be the Last Collar Standing.

This fun and hilarious competition is a great chance to see our priests in a new light, having fun and revealing a new side many of us have never seen.

Consider hosing a watch party either in your home or through your parish. You won’t want to miss this family friendly event!

Things to Remember

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Past Winners

Fr. Tony Klein was the winner of the 2nd Annual Last Collar Standing Competition on January 10th, 2021. Click the button below to watch the fun!

Fr. Shane Stevens was the winner of our 1st Annual Last Collar Standing competition on July 15th, 2020.  Click the button below to watch the fun!