Bible Studies

Youth in grades 7-12 are invited to join Diocesan wide summer bible studies led by the Lumen Christi missionaries both in person and over Zoom. Groups meet 1-2 times a week and no preparation is necessary.

Topics include:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our missionaries will be equipped to hold bible studies both in person and over Zoom. We have teams that will be stationed in the Aberdeen and Sioux Falls area so if you live in those areas, we will hopefully be able to meet in person throughout the whole summer.

Bible study topics include: Encountering and Following Jesus, The Book of Genesis, Men’s/Women’s Studies, Apologetics, etc.

Students also have the option to have a book study with the missionaries.  If there is something specific you’d like to dive into, please do let the missionaries know when they reach out to you.

Bible studies will have set meeting times for Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday afternoons. We will also have some studies that meet on Sunday afternoons and are open to meeting in the early morning (6am) as well.

While our studies are primarily open to youth going into grades 7-12, if there are recent high school graduates or other young adults that are interested, we’d LOVE to chat with you about it.

Absolutely! Lumen Christi missionaries will be overjoyed at the invitation of friends and will coordinate times to meet.  If you have a group of friends in mind, please reach out to them and we’d be happy to simply lead your group.

Not a problem! While we do want you to be committed, missionaries understand the reality of busy schedules. They would love to have you participate whenever you are able to.  We just ask that you keep us posted on when you won’t be able to attend.

Typically the bible study sessions will be an hour long, but if the group can only meet for a half hour the missionaries will adjust to that schedule.