Lumen Christi Missionary Program

Lumen Christi, meaning Light of Christ, is a missionary program that seeks to form Lifelong Catholic Missionary Disciples Through God’s Love.   These missionaries are trained and sent out throughout the Diocese of Sioux Falls in order to give witness to the love of Christ in their lives and to share that love with those they meet.  

The Lumen Christi Missionary Program is an effort of the Office of Discipleship & Evangelization for the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls.  It started in the Summer of 2021.  

For Parishes & Schools

Our mission is to support the work of discipleship and evangelization in parishes and schools around the diocese through outreach, events, bible studies, 1-on-1 discipleship, and more.  We’ve established this “in house” program in our diocese in order to be able to fully customize the training, availability, and formation of our missionaries to most directly meet the needs around the diocese.  Missionaries can come to you for a single day or for an entire year!  They can focus their efforts on whatever age group or demographic makes most sense.  These missionaries simply want to serve!  

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lumen Christi program is funded entirely through donations.  These donations come through Mission Partners who support the missionaries personally, through one-time and monthly gifts, from individuals who have been impacted by the ministry of the missionaries, and through donations from parishes and schools that our missionaries serve.  

Interested in supporting a missionary or the program in general?  Check out our Support Page here. 

While we offer some great programming and opportunities around the diocese, Lumen Christi is firstly a formation program for young adults in our diocese.  Most people who apply to be missionaries do so because they desire to be formed deeply in prayer, discernment, friendship, and service of the Lord.  

Our missionaries are individuals who are hungry for the love of God and desirous to share that love with others.