Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls

Human flourishing and the diocesan vision | Catholic Views – October 9, 2022

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Alison Conemac from The Lourdes Center helps us make the connection between becoming a flourishing human being and a great missionary disciple. She offers much encouragement and several helpful tips as well. Join us!

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Biblical Bites with Dr. B

During this week’s episode Renae uses a fifty-cent word to describe Dr. B’s usual podcasting demeanor. This occurs right after Dr. B explains his challenge with speaking clearly and slowly. Yet he’s quickly brought back to his old ways when Renae thinks he’s speaking “weird slang”. Also watch as Dr. B intentionally gives a brief history/geography lesson but unintentionally uses his hands to do so. Imagine what that map would look like if he had a whiteboard and marker in his hand. Enjoy this week’s Biblical Bites!