Catholic Family Sharing Appeal

Parish Leadership

Within this section you will find information pertaining to the roles of each member of the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal program.  It is our hope that this will provide some direction in making your parish successful in reaching their goal.

The ministries funded by Catholic Family Sharing Appeal are intended to be a support, which may help to empower our brothers and sisters in Christ to boldly proclaim the message of Jesus Christ. We thank you for your assistance in this appeal.



The role of the Pastor is paramount to the successful implementation of the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal.  You are the spiritual leader of your faith community.  There is no replacement for you, a man of faith, who witnesses to God’s call for his people to be givers.  Your strong and enthusiastic support of Catholic Family Sharing Appeal and its ministries is vital to the success and fulfillment of the campaign.


  • Conduct the parish appeal
  • Make a personal gift to Catholic Family Sharing Appeal
  • Recruit and select Catholic Family Sharing Appeal chairperson(s), Secretary and Volunteers
  • Speak in support of Catholic Family Sharing Appeal from the pulpit.  Your personal endorsement is the single most important part of a successful parish campaign.
  • Utilize prepared campaign material – bulletin and church announcements, homilies, prayers, Bishop’s audiotape and posters.
  •  Encourage participation of every registered parishioner through homilies, lay witness, pulpit announcements, follow-up letters and phone calls and door to door canvassing.
  • Recognize all donors and volunteers
  • Assist the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal office in evaluating the appeal effort

Recruitment Procedures

The following is a suggested method of recruiting workers for the appeal. A strong enthusiastic appeal for workers should be made from the pulpit by the pastor, the associate pastor, or a lay person (e.g. the parish chairperson).   Catholic Family Sharing Appeal is a good tool to help teach good stewardship.  Ask parishioners to share some of their time by giving the gift of self in acting as a parish Catholic Family Sharing Appeal representative.  After these appropriate remarks are made, a request to enroll workers should be made.

In seeking their involvement:

  • Be factual and honest about the reasons and goals of the appeal
  • Be positive
  • Create an atmosphere of confidence
  • Endeavor to involve men, women and young adults
  • Emphasize they are NOT just collecting money – but they are ‘People Helping People’.  Ask parishioners to sign up to help.  Meanwhile, emphasize the need for workers and create the enthusiasm necessary to motivate your people to be good stewards and to participate in this worthwhile endeavor.  Collect the names and thank the people for their cooperation.  Thank those who volunteered with a note or phone call.  Hold a training motivational meeting for the workers.

Parish Catholic Family Sharing Appeal Chairperson

Why have lay presenters?

It is most likely that those who attend Mass on Sunday are those who will contribute to Catholic Family Sharing Appeal.  It is also likely that, in spite of our best efforts to communicate through written materials, letters, brochures, newspaper, etc., many have either not read the material or they may have put off making their pledge.  This is a last opportunity to reach these parishioners.  The use of a lay presenter is an effective means of increasing participation.

As the lay parish leader you have an important role of communicating to your fellow parishioners that they are a part of a larger diocesan family.  You are the “insistent voice” of the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal campaign.  You are the link between the appeal and the people of your parish.   It is important that you express your own commitment to the financial support of Catholic Family Sharing Appeal.

Together with your Pastor, your responsibility is to see that the overall appeal plan is appropriate for your parish and that the steps of the plan are carried out within the time frame established.


  • Organize the structure of the parish appeal
  • Make a personal gift to the appeal
  • Review the Parish Manual and all related materials
  • Insure that all materials i.e.: Posters, bulletin inserts, are properly displayed
  • Supervise every phase of the parish campaign under the guidance of the Pastor
  • Enlist volunteer workers for pre-campaign and follow-up effort
  • Recognize volunteers and donors
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal in all parish activities
  • Give Lay Testimonial on Education weekend

What you are asked to do as a lay presenter

  • Meet with your pastor and parish chairperson as soon as possible.  Review the process and your role.
  • It is essential to create a schedule for bulletin inserts and the pulpit presentation.  Inserts should appear at least two weeks prior to the first in-pew event.
  • Call and visit an agency/program funded by Catholic Family Sharing Appeal
  • Prepare and practice your presentation.
  • Make your presentation on Education Weekend.

Some basic hints for developing your talk

  • Start your preparation early
  • Outline your thoughts
  • Write the outline fully – large print, double spaced
  • Real people’s stories work better than statistics
  • Make sure parishioners know what the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal is:

Some suggestions to consider in preparing for your presentation

  • Appearance
  • Practice
  • Be clear on how the pledge card process works and where they return it.

Some final suggestions of DO’s

  • Do be emotional.
  • Do give some specifics – brief statistics, name agencies.
  • Do mention how people in your region or parish have benefited from programs supported by the Catholic Family Sharing Appeal.  Be as specific as possible by telling an actual story.
  • Do practice.
  • Do plan how to close with a strong appeal for generosity.
  • Do be confident, speak from your heart and enjoy the experience.
  • Include a thank you in your talk.

Parish Catholic Family Sharing Appeal Secretary

As Catholic Family Sharing Appeal Secretary, you are the person who makes the parish campaign run smoothly.  You are the one whose presence is often unseen but whose efficiency, care and helpfulness have an impact on every aspect of the campaign.

As a member of the parish leadership team, you will help your Pastor and Chairperson(s) to promote and implement the appeal.


  • Prepare bulletin inserts, general intercessions, and announcements each week
  • Coordinate follow-up and thank you letter mailings
  • Process Pledge cards and payments
  • Keep accurate records of the appeal results
  • Fill out Transmittal and Pledge Payment Reports
  • Report Catholic Family Sharing Appeal results to Pastor/Chairperson and appropriate committees


There are many unsung heroes in any successful parish appeal.  These individuals are the volunteers who so generously give of their time and efforts behind the scenes to see that the appeal is a success.

Here are a few good reasons:

  • The Catholic Family Sharing Appeal volunteer uses his or her time and ability to promote the kingdom of God through the educational and charitable programs supported by Catholic Family Sharing Appeal.
  • Working for Catholic Family Sharing Appeal is a way of thanking God.
  • It is fulfilling one’s duty to share his/her faith and blessings.
  • It is a way of doing something for one’s parish, one’s diocese, and one’s community.
  • It is a way of showing one’s deep loyalty to our Universal Church.

Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Helping to enlist other volunteers as necessary to effectively carry out the parish appeal program.
  • Assisting the pastor and/or chairperson (s) in carrying out the program of solicitation of parish members.
  • Assisting the parish secretary in tabulating incoming gifts and pledges.

Working with the Pastor and Secretary to complete all follow-up procedures, making sure all parishioners have had the opportunity to give.

Recruitment Suggestions:

  • A strong enthusiastic appeal from the pulpit, from the pastor and lay chairperson
  • A request to enroll workers after Mass
  • Emphasize they are not “collecting” money, but, doing the ministry work of the Church.
  • Utilize the parish council, finance committee or young adults.
  • Network within the volunteers themselves.