Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat

The next Rachel’s Vineyard retreat is schedule for April 30-May 2, 2021.

Please call 605-988-3775 or 800-700-7867 for more information.


Rachel’s Vineyard is therapy for the soul.
Experience forgiveness.
Peace is found.
Lives are restored.
A sense of hope and meaning for the future is finally re-discovered.

  • Location of retreat is kept confidential
  • A safe, loving, non-judgmental environment.
  • Strictly confidential.
  • Scripture based retreat exercises.
  • Open to women, men and grandparents of all faiths.

Rachel’s Vineyard flyer

Please call us at 605-988-3775 for information on our next retreat

For more information call:605-988-3775 or 1-800-700-7867 or e-mail cfs@sfcatholic.org

To learn more about Rachel’s Vineyard,┬ávisit the national website at www.rachelsvineyard.org