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grief, support groups

grief, support groupsThere is no time limit to grieving. Grief is an emotional trauma which may require therapeutic attention and knowledge.

“So whether it’s been 2 months or 10 years since the loss of a loved one, all are welcome to join in learning how to adjust and cope with the loss. Your experience of grief will create a changed you, a you that has not only survived but who has learned to thrive again in a new way.”
Dr. Marcie Moran, Clinical Director

Grief Retreats

Retreats are held twice a year and offers an educational and experiential program for coping with a death of a loved one.

Children’s Grief Programs

Children react differently to loss than adults and it is important to realize that they are grieving a loss as well. Our Children’s Grief Programs are designed for children who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Grief Programs

(On going throughout the year)
Six-week grief programs that deal with a specific area of loss (such as loss of a sibling, loss of a child, loss of a spouse). These programs offer educational and experiental activities that will focus on the loss of your loved one.

Crisis Response

When a crisis, sudden loss or tragedy hits your community it can be overwhelming. It you or someone you know is struggling, the Catholic Family Services crisis response team can help.

Other Services Available

  • Individual, Adult, Children & Family Counseling
  • Recovery Teams and Support Services
  • Consultations and Assessments
  • Crisis Response
  • Seminars and Educational Programs & Activities (Abortion, Chronic Illness, Divorce, etc)
  • Grief Library
  • Special Memorial Events

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