Speaker Bureau

Counselors and staff members of Catholic Family Services are available for lectures, workshops and in-services for non-profit organizations, schools, Church organizations and service clubs.

Topic Options: (Not all inclusive)

  1. Effective Parenting Techniques
  2. Dynamincs of Blended Families
  3. Helping Children of Divorce
  4. Challenge of Single Parenting
  5. Communication and the Adolescent
  6. Enhancing a Child’s Self Esteem


  1. Grieving a Loss
  2. Loss from Death in the Family
  3. Loss in the Workplace
  4. Beyond Grief and its Effects
  5. The Journey through Grief


  1. Anxiety and Panic Problems
  2. Blue Spells or Depression
  3. Managing Anger with Assertiveness
  4. Post Traumatic Stress


  1. Six Secrets of a Lasting Relationship
  2. Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  3. Keeping you Marriage Alive


  1. Adoption Options Counseling
  2. Post-Adoption Searches
  3. Project Rachel


If you are interested in having a member of CFS speak, call: 605-988-3775 or 1-800-700-7867