A God Who Knocks


A God Who Knocks is hosted several times a year throughout the Diocese of Sioux Falls. The series is led by licensed professionals and incorporates education around psychology and faith. If you are interested in bringing this series to your area, please email tlc@sfcatholic.org.
The next series will begin November 1st and conclude November 22nd (every Tuesday for four weeks).

What To Expect:

This series is devoted to the exploration and healing of inner wounds, also referred to as emotional wounds. Each session will include prayer, a presentation and time for discussion. While there is no expectation for participants to share their own experiences, we do hope attendees will engage in dynamic discussion around the concepts presented in order to deepen the understanding of the material. Please note this is not intended to be a therapy group but rather a psychoeducational series. Although we are meeting over the lunch hour, please plan to eat prior to, or after, the session so that you can participate fully without distraction.

Who This is For:

Each and every person is wounded by the reality of sin and our own brokenness. Whether you are in the midst of a large trial or simply want to grow in your relationship with Christ by inviting Him more deeply into your heart, this series is for you!
While we hope to offer this series virtually in the future, we are unable to do so at this time.

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Registration for the November session will open September 15th.

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