April 14, 2024

Statue of Virgin Mary praying under a bright sun

In the fight to end abortion, we need all the help we can get. The American Life League has created the Marian Blue Wave, a call to action involving praying the rosary with the specific intention of ending abortion.

According to the Marian Blue Wave website, the goal of the project is to “engage as many Catholics as possible in projects to extol the virtues of praying the rosary and use it to advance a call to holiness and evangelization.”

Monsignor Charles Mangan is strongly behind this movement.

“We turn to our natural mother when in need. And because of our baptism, we also lift up our cares to our Mother in heaven. By participating in the Marian Blue Wave, we entrust to Our Lady the protection of children in the womb and the complete abolishment of the evil of abortion,” he said.

The goals of the Marian Blue Wave are:

  • Shut down every Planned Parenthood facility in the United States.
  • Shut down every abortion facility in the United States.
  • Expose Catholics who advocate for or promote abortion in any way so that we can pray for them and reach out to each of them in love. Our goal is to change hearts by teaching the truth.

Our prayer petitions include:

  • The Holy Father, bishops, priests, and deacons. May each of them have the courage to defend Christ in the Eucharist and lead their people in praying the rosary and asking Mary to intercede for us in this struggle.
  • Families damaged in any way by abortion and its aftermath. May they all find peace in God’s mercy.
  • Expectant mothers who fear they cannot carry their babies to term, as well as those who will help them and comfort them. May they all feel the hope of Christ’s loving embrace.

To be part of the Marian Blue Wave and pray for the end of abortion, visit marianbluewave.com.