July 15, 2024

The diocesan Office of Discipleship and Evangelization is offering a new series called Catholic Conversations.

Bishop DeGrood has called all of us to grow as lifelong Catholic missionary disciples through God’s love. An essential aspect of being a disciple is to deepen our understanding of what God has revealed to us about Himself, about us, and indeed about all things. To grow as a disciple throughout our lives, then, is to grow in understanding of what God teaches us through His Church.

To help the faithful of the diocese grow as missionary disciples, Dr. Chris Burgwald, the diocesan director of Adult Discipleship and Evangelization, is broadcasting live as he travels around the Diocese of Sioux Falls. Each month he is making a stop at a different parish to have a conversation about an aspect of our Catholic faith.

This is an opportunity for you to join with fellow Catholics to explore the things not normally covered in adult faith formation. Not only will you learn more about what the Church teaches, but you’ll also discover in a richer way the difference that our faith can make in your daily life. In addition to learning facts about our faith, you will see how knowing them can enrich your relationship with God and lead you to live with His peace, joy and passion.

If you can’t make a presentation in person, Dr. Chris is livestreaming them as well, so you can participate live or watch after the fact.

You can find dates, locations and ways to connect online at www.sfcatholic.org/conversations.