May 19, 2024

COVID-19 continues to have an impact on many of our families, friends and neighbors. Some who thought they could get by are now finding themselves struggling to pay rent or buy groceries due to layoffs, cut backs on work hours, or having to quit work to care for and educate their children.

Adult children have moved in with their parents to help make ends meet and unexpected medical expenses have put families over the limit of their finances.

Thanks to your generosity through the COVID-19 Relief Fund, local pastors throughout the diocese have been able to offer a hand up that may not have been an option within their own parish budgets.
One anonymous note expressed gratitude from everyone:

This is a “Thank You” from the many families and individuals that have been helped financially by the Church during this COVID-19 pandemic. So many have been helped, but their very circumstances (poverty, day to day obligations, etc.) oft times overshadow the courtesy of expressing sincere heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

This card is to give voice and endorsement to the many hundreds who have no doubt been blessed by your program. All of us need to sense that someone, somewhere, sees us and cares. I believe your efforts and various staffs have given hope and a sense of acknowledgement to many.

As scripture indicates: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Count yourselves blessed of the Lord for seeing and responding to His people.

Love & appreciation, Everyone

If you know someone who needs assistance, or if you would like to support this ministry, please contact your local parish or the Catholic Community Foundation:, 605-988-3788.