The Bishop's Bulletin

Advent Baby Shower offers help and prayers

Donations for Advent Baby Shower have been pouring in from parishes and Catholic schools across the diocese. All kinds of baby items were collected during Advent and will be distributed throughout the year to families who need them through parishes, Birthright, Avera, the Teddy Bear Den, the 211 Hotline, and to walk-ins at the Chancery.

Emily Leedom, executive director of Catholic Family Services, says there is a wide variety of individuals who benefit from the items collected.

“Often, we see single mothers who could use the additional support. We may also see families who have recently moved to the area and don’t have jobs lined up yet but need items for their children,” she said. “We also get calls from women who delivered earlier than expected and need the items until they are well enough to go out and get them.”

Leedom is always impressed with the number of items that are donated and then to see them go out to those who need them is an extraordinary sight. It’s a great way for people to help each other. And those who receive items are grateful and humbled.

“They are often pleasantly surprised to find no judgement and no questions asked,” Leedom said. “Instead, they receive congratulations and a promise that we are praying for their little one.”