Bishop emeritus

Special Collections to Support Humanitarian Relief: Harvey & Irma

Earlier I authorized a special collection to provide assistance to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Funds donated and sent to the diocesan finance office will be forwarded to the USCCB for disbursement either to Catholic Charities USA or directly to affected dioceses.

Since then we have again seen countless images of nature’s powerful forces unleashed in Hurricane Irma. It not only created haunting destruction in the southeast of the United States, it left communities unrecognizable and took many lives in the Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico, the American Virgin Islands and many others. We give thanks for the civil servants and first responders that provided advance warning of the storm and facilitated a historic evacuation, no doubt limiting the loss of life.

There also has been a massive earthquake in a region of Mexico that is among its poorest. Those affected have been thrust into a chaotic aftermath without any warning.

Collectively, we know of so many people are at risk and need signs of hope. The Catholic Church’s presence in the midst of these offers such hope.

Therefore, I now authorize an additional special collection for those who wish to do so. Be assured that Catholic Charities USA will use funds donated in the first and any additional special collections to address both hurricane areas as needs are identified.

For those who wish to have their donations directed to the Caribbean islands or Mexico they should specifically identify Catholic Relief Services as the beneficiary. CRS addresses such disasters in the name of the Church in the United States outside of our country.

We pray for all those affected and with gratitude to all who are on the scene to offer direct assistance and consolation. Thank you for the generosity of so many in treasure and in volunteer capacities, and especially for the prayers offered. We believe in the power of prayer.

Mary, mother of the suffering, pray for all the victims

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