Sioux Falls Youth Leader Forum

Our Youth Leader Forum is an excellent opportunity to network with other youth leaders from across the Diocese.

What is it?

The Youth Leader Forum is an online forum (primarily through email) that allows anyone included in the forum to ask questions and share resources and insights with each other.  More simply…it’s an email address that you can use to send an email to all of the youth leaders in the Diocese (those who subscribe) to get feedback and support.

How Does It Work?

Our office maintains the email list ensuring that only those who lead youth (grades 7-12) programming or ministry in the Diocese are included.  Anyone who is a youth leader in the Diocese can request membership to the list here.   Once you are on the list, you are able to “opt out” at any time.

In regard to content, we’ve listed some posting guidelines below.  Because it is an open forum, we want to ensure that the list is not abused and remains a resource that most can appreciate.

If you wish to post something for the group, you simply email the address and all of the members will receive an email.  It will also appear in the forum here.  When someone responds, they can either respond directly to you or to the entire group.  Only members of the forum are able to send emails to this email address.

How Can it Be Used?

Here are a few ideas:

  • You could ask for help in finding or developing certain resources.
  • You may want to put together a Confirmation Retreat or a Mission Trip for your students but would like to partner with another willing parish.
  • You could ask questions about the faith that come up or the appropriate protocol for certain situations.
  • You could request prayers in time of great need.
  • You could look to carpool or tag team travel or events that you are hoping to attend.

Posting Guidelines

  • All content should be focused on youth ministry/faith formation for youth in grades 7-12.
  • Avoid sending articles or reading suggestions unless there is something specific that you would like to have dialogue about or would like input on from other youth leaders.
  • more guidelines coming soon (we’ll add them as needed)!



Q. Do I need to have a Gmail address to subscribe?
A. No, but there are some features of the forum that are much more easily navigated if your email address is linked to a google account.

Q. Where can I see and participate in the conversations?
A. You can do so through your email or through the forum online.  Within your account, you are also able to set how you would like to receive the notifications and how often.  Be sure to play around inside Google Groups to get things set the way you want them.

Q. Can I know who is receiving the emails?
A. Yes, you can find a list of the active members of the forum here.

Q. How is the forum moderated? 
A. Our office will moderate posts and discussions as they happen.  For now we do not intend to “approve” posting before it’s sent.   Twice a year we go through the list of the members of the forum and remove people who are no longer active as a leader in the Diocese.  At any time, someone can request membership to the forum and we approve them only if they belong!

Q. Is this how we hear about any upcoming news from the Diocese?
A. No.  All of the more formal communications from our office go through what we call the PCL Email NewsletterYou can sign up for that here.  This new FORUM is intended for those who are wanting to network with other youth leaders…we try to stay out of it!