The Sunday TV Mass


The Sunday TV Mass is produced and broadcast weekly by the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls.  The goal is to bring the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy to those who are homebound or shut in and unable to join their local community for Mass. The Mass is broadcast all across South Dakota on the local CBS affiliate and many thousands participate each week.  The Mass is recorded at the Cathedral of St Joseph, and can also be viewed on this web site each Saturday and Sunday.

Broadcast Schedule

Sunday’s at 10:00am CT9:00am MT – KELOLAND TV


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This Week’s Homily from Bishop Paul J. Swain

The recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia saddens and shocks all people of good will. It also ought to prick our consciences. Racism, especially in this instance of white supremacy, is sinful. It is to be both rejected and condemned. Hateful and criminal violence is only its most extreme expression.

Inherent in our Catholic faith is that all persons are created by God in His likeness and, therefore, are children of God. Every person in all our diversity is deserving of respect and the freedom to live lives of dignity and safety.

As St. Paul reminds us: “For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free person, there is not male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal 3:27-28). Christ’s invitation is offered to all.

Let us reject all forms of violence and pray for greater respect, mutual understanding, and reconciliation.

Lord, make us instruments of your peace . . . where there hatred let us sow love.

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Posted: August 14, 2017, 12:03 am