Deacons in formation installed as lectors

Bishop Paul Swain installed six men as lectors recently. From left to right: Deacon John Devlin, Peter Sexton, Daniel Sherban, Bishop Swain, Jonathan Eckrich, Jeffrey Swank, Brad Palmer, and Douglas Schueller. (Photo courtesy of Deacon John Devlin)

Six men of the diocese were installed as lectors as part of their formation to be ordained permanent deacons. Bishop Paul Swain installed the men during the 11 a.m. Mass on December 8 at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Sioux Falls.

During deacon formation, candidates move through three installations before being ordained permanent deacons. These men have already completed their work as candidates, which means they completed the three-year period of continued discernment, intensive formation and course work.

With the installation as lectors, they now have the responsibility of proclaiming the Word of God by reading the Gospel at Mass. It’s an important step that formation director Deacon John Devlin says also gives them the responsibility to proclaim the Word “in their lives for the edification and salvation of souls.”

The next step is to be installed as acolytes and then ordained as permanent deacons if they complete their formation.