Fr. Mike Griffin’s Column

Fr. Mike Griffin’s monthly column in the Bishop’s Bulletin.

An Elegy

On the first day of November in the year 2006, a puppy was born. I was, of course, totally unaware of this event. He was born, wet and blind and whimpering for milk, beginning a life-long obsession with food. He grew as puppies do, growing into his pure puppy cuteness. I have seen, and taken, […]

We bring meaning to the words

On a lovely November afternoon nine years ago, at the glorious age of 46, I stood in the chapel on Camp Rapid in Rapid City, raised my right hand in front of Chaplain Lynn Wilson and swore an oath. In that moment, I joined the South Dakota Army National Guard and, even more important, I […]

The joy of the face of God

A few weeks ago the priests and deacons of the diocese gathered with our bishop and prayed a special Evening Prayer in which we recalled, by name, the deceased clergy of our diocese. It is always a powerful and meaningful time as the names flow over us like water and we find ourselves lost in […]

Remembering where food comes from

I have been thinking about food a lot lately; and it is not just because I am hungry. The last month we have been listening to the “Bread of Life Discourses” from John’s Gospel at Sunday Mass, so homily preparation has been making me think about food, but also, a few events have focused my […]

Surrounded, we are alone on the mound

For the longest time I had a bit of a tradition of taking some time off every year to head to Omaha to watch a few games of the NCAA College World Series. I took a few years off because the College World Series invariably fell on the time when I would be at annual […]

Living the life in a small town

Way back when, when there was still snow on the ground, I received a call from Gary Hoffman, the American Legion Post commander in Long Lake, SD, asking me if I would be a guest speaker at their Memorial Day ceremony. I told him I would be honored to do it. Then, time went by […]

Like all living things, a parish needs love

Every so often, I forget something about trees. The other day I went to a few stores and picked up the necessary supplies to plant some flowers and vegetables and herbs for the planters on our deck. I bought the potting soil and the plants and a few new items for the season and then […]