Featured stories in our monthly Bishop’s Bulletin

Transform your fear into the Lord’s hope

By Renae Kranz Many of us feel fear and uncertainty in our hearts. It’s hard to tamp it down much of the time, and ignoring it isn’t a long-term solution. When we let fear fester and gain a foothold, it can drown out the voice of the Lord in our lives. And a life full […]

Offer it up: Making sense of suffering

By Renae Kranz Do you remember when you were young and your mother or grandmother would offer some tidbit of advice to help you through a problem? The one phrase I remember most from my own mother was “offer it up,” usually said in response to some type of suffering I was going through. My […]

Welcome Bishop Donald E. DeGrood

By Renae Kranz On Thursday, February 13 our new shepherd, Bishop Donald DeGrood, was ordained and installed as the ninth bishop of Sioux Falls. Many around the diocese witnessed the Mass at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph. Soul-raising music, fragrant incense and ancient traditions came together to create a day of great joy and moving […]

Sharing our gifts makes a difference

By Renae Kranz No parish is an island. No Catholic is on their own in their faith journey. But sometimes parishes and the Catholics in them might feel like the challenge to grow the community of God is too big and the resources are too few. I’m just one person. What can I really do? […]

Human Dignity: The ultimate gift from God

By Renae Kranz When you see someone you perceive as different from you, maybe a homeless person or someone who is disabled, what pops into your mind? If we’re honest with ourselves, we probably wouldn’t want anyone to know what we’re thinking. It might go something like this: That person makes me uncomfortable. I don’t […]

Recovery & Faith: Intertwined by God’s grace

By Renae Kranz A new acquaintance recently told me about a prayer she says to herself each morning. “Dear God, get in my head before I do.” You see, this acquaintance is a recovering alcoholic. She uses this prayer to hand the wheel of her day over to God instead of over to the temptation […]