Bishop Swain’s Column

Bishop Paul J. Swain’s monthly column in the Bishop’s Bulletin

Lent is a time for honest reflection

The penitential season of Lent is upon us. Below are excerpts from my past columns in The Bishop’s Bulletin encouraging taking full advantage of this special time in the Church calendar. From March 2010: When I was growing up I was not a Catholic and attended public schools. In my mind, there was something intriguing […]

Trust in Jesus Christ and the power of prayer

When we face significant transitions in life we often look back with wistful memories. As I near retirement as your bishop, I have started looking back with wistful memories of all that has transpired over these twelve plus years. They include many blessings including so many of you and your generosity in so many ways, […]

We need God who is all loving and all merciful

Recently we experienced a startling thunder and heavy rain storm in Sioux Falls. When I left the Bishop’s House for an early morning walk after it had passed, the flowering plants and shrubs were hanging low, burdened by the impact of the storm. When I returned not too long later they were showing resilience and […]